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Meet our team of filmmakers and artists:

director ~영화감독 ~



Kelley became interested in filmmaking at the age of nine in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. At the age of fifteen, she directed a twenty-minute short film called To Be Remembered, which premiered at the Nashville Film Festival, the longest running film festival in the South. The film helped her earn the National Young Arts Foundation Gold Award in Cinema (a $10,000 cash prize) and nominated her as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, which allowed her to meet President Barack Obama at the White House in 2010. 


Also in 2010, after receiving a full scholarship from the U.S. Department of State, Kelley was given a chance to spend a year studying in South Korea as a high school exchange student. During that time, she began working on her first feature film, PERMISSION TO EXIST, a documentary on South Korea's education system and mental health awareness among Korean teens.

producer ~피디 ~


한국 부산 출생의 영화 프로듀서 2008년 H-바이러스 Production을 설립하여 다수의 한국 독립 단편 장편

영화를 제작하였으며 2010년 켈리와 만나 다큐멘터리

제작을 시작하였다. 그 이후 한국 상업 영화의 제작팀으로 활동하며 커리어를 쌓고 2018년 주식회사 팩션을

설립하여 한국 상업 영화의 제작을 준비 중에 있다.

프로듀싱한 대표작으로는 <양치기들>, <다시 만난 날들> 등이 있으며 제작에 참여한 작품으로는 <인천 상륙 작전>, <판소리 복서> 등이 있다.

writer, editor ~작가, 편집 ~


In high school, Jaeho started filming, directing, and editing, putting together three digital short films. In 2012, he began working as an editor with Kelley on PERMISSION TO EXIST while continuing his studies and taking college courses. In 2016, Jaeho started a photographic documentary series, and in 2018, he directed his own short film, Detroit Ukulele. You can visit his YouTube page here.

dancer ~안무가 ~


Jeong-hwa Oh is the Director of the Madame Family dance troupe. She is a choreographer at Tune Dance Company and a Prepix 4 x 4 competition winner.

[Extended biography coming soon]

dancer ~안무가 ~



Seoul Art College - Dance Instructor (Korea)
JYP Entertainment - Dance Trainer (Korea)
1MILLION Dance Studio - Dance Instructor (Korea)
Dance Point Academy - Dance Instructor (Singapore)
Shanghai EXPO movie Chorus City - Choreographer (China)
Tokyo dance show "Precious Land" - Dancer (Japan)
Osaka contemporary performance "Rule" - Dancer (Japan)

singer-songwriter ~가수~

KIERRA GRAY (키에라 그레이)


Kierra Gray's father, a professional musician, and mother opened up a music school where Kierra was introduced to the piano at the age of four. She continued her musical journey taking lessons in drums, guitar, voice, and violin. Through her exploration of music, Kierra discovered that her real passion was songwriting. In spite of being timid about being so vulnerable in her music, Kierra entered numerous talent shows and competitions. One of her most recent musical achievements was being selected as a 2018 National Young Arts Winner in the Voice/Singer-Songwriter discipline. Kierra is currently working on her debut single titled "Kitty Kat," a female empowerment song about sisterhood. She is also preparing to record her first-ever EP to be released in 2020.

music ~음악~

MAX WITT (맥스 위트)

Max Witt has attended the UNC School of the Arts and UNC Asheville, concentrating in both composition and percussion. His compositions have been performed by the UNCSA Orchestra, Asheville Ballet, and North Carolina Symphony, and in 2010, he was named the Winner of the UNCG Harold Schiffman Composition Competition. Max has performed with local bands in the Asheville area, as well as the Wilmington Symphony, Blue Ridge Orchestra, and Asheville Choral Society.

music ~음악~


Steffen Schmidt is a composer from Los Angeles, California. He is the recent recipient of two "Best Original Score" awards from the Milledgeville & Eatonton Film Festival and L.A. Under the Stars Film Festival and the recent composer of two VR projects directed by Chuck Chae, Buddy VR (produced by Redrover Studios) and Follow the White Rabbit (produced by Dexter Studios). Buddy VR was the winner for "Best VR Experience" at The 75th Venice Film Festival | La Biennale di Venezia. Follow the White Rabbit was showcased at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

Starting from a young age, Steffen was exposed to the orchestral sound and has performed as a violinist and violist in youth symphonies in his home city of Portland, Oregon. He has also toured Europe and China with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. Steffen started conducting during the latter half of his high school years, which were crucial in his development as a film score composer. Moving on, he has conducted and/or produced small to large ensemble groups in Los Angeles and around the world for his projects. Steffen is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Class of 2013).

writer, translator ~작가, 해석~

YEUN KIM (김예은)

[Biography coming soon]

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